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The practice of buying and selling online has changed a lot recently, together with the ethics followed by some brands in the fashion industry, who are trying to distance themselves from the "fast fashion", after acknowledging its devastating effect on the environment, the waste management and the labour conditions.

A valid solution to the problem, which allows to reduce the production costs without compromising on quality or having to cut the skilled workers' salaries, is producing upon request. This option is far more sustainable and reduces waste, which is an ethical choice even more important in an industry which uses raw materials such as animal leather.

Warehouses full of unsold items are a problem for both the seller and the customer, who could receive a pair of shoes which have been made months before and maybe already tried by other customers. The production upon request, on the contrary, guarantees new items in perfect conditions coming straight from the factory to the final customer and the manufacturer can optimise the use of limited edition materials and offer their customers a wider choice of different shapes, heels, soles and straps, making only those specifically requested at the time of the order without creating fragmented stocks which are not easy to sell.

As one can easily imagine, the downsides of this situation are longer working processes and the resistance within the manufacturing industry to work in such a piecemeal manner, slowing down the rhythm of the production. It is not easy to find a manufacturing line ready to support such radical choices by their management, abandoning the easy task of assembling hundreds of identical shoes on a conveyor belt and having to lose their mind after countless combinations of different products.

Luckily, in the past few years Madame Pivot has been growing enough to realise this sustainable project maintaining a satisfying performance in the work rhythm, with average production times of only 7 to 10 working days.

When you book a pair of shoes in your requested size, shape and any other available options, they will be made specifically for you. We still have ready pairs in our warehouse of course, as we need them for the many tango events we attend directly or through our agents; therefore waiting times can be even shorter. Furthermore, you can find shoes of previous collections in the “discontinued” or “special offer” sections of our e-shop, ready to be shipped in the available combinations.

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