Lines and collections

  • Basic line: the most requested and classic models, known for their comfort and elegance. They are produced exclusively in their base colours: black, red and nude in either leather, suede or satin.
  • Collection line: the beating heart of the brand, offering original design and new styles all year around. A wide selection of models to satisfy all tastes, always following the latest fashion trend both in the selection of colours and materials.
  • Bijoux line: a special line for the special occasions. Elegant and sophisticated shoes with paillettes, laces, embroidered satin, glitter and laminated leathers. The bijoux sandals are created with precious and delicate materials, to be handled with care to preserve their splendour.
  • Street line: from the dance floor to the street with the same comfort and style. Open and closed sandals, décolletés and lace-up leisure shoes with leather or thin rubber soles and the same comfort padding you are used to when dancing. A casual and elegant line, with a modern design with a vintage twist and captivating and bright colours.

Fitting and shapes

Dance shoes can be ordered in four different shapes, designed to fit every type of feet.

  • Standard shape S: It is the most common shape, with a comfortable sole fitting most foot types, particularly an egyptian-shaped foot, where the big toe is longer than the others. It was previously marked with the code “13”.
  • Narrow shape N: the shoe sole is narrow and with a triangular shape and fits slim and thin feet. Particularly suitable to a greek-shaped foot, where the second toe is longer than the others. Same length as the standard shape, but with reduced volume. It was previously marked with the code “11”.
  • Wide shape W: suitable to particularly wide and square-shaped feet. The upper is mounted on the same sole as the standard but around a bigger form, increasing the shoe volume. It was previously marked with the code “15”.
  • Flat shape F: recommended to those who have slim feet with a low bridge height, but not particularly narrow in width and with a rounded rather than a triangular shape. Although the shape of the sole is the same as the standard, shoes have a reduced volume in the upper for a snugger fit.

The street line shoes are available only with the standard shape.

Half sizes

Half sizes are not available in women’s shoes. We believe that the different choices of shapes are enough to cater all kinds of feet.

Types of soles

You can purchase your Madame Pivot with different types of soles:

  • Leather sole: suitable to all types of dance floor, unless they are very slippery, it is perfect to dance both indoors and outdoors.
  • Suede sole: also known as bufalo (Italy) or cromo (Argentina), this material provides more grip, especially when brushed, therefore it is the best choice for very smooth floors. Not recommended for outdoor dancing.
  • Rubber sole: particularly suitable for very slippery dance floors, like marble or hard polished wood, it is ideal for street shoes.
  • Tunit sole: used to produce vegan shoes, tunit is a synthetic material with characteristics which are similar to leather, 100% animal free.
Heel types and heights

Our dance shoes come in four different heel heights, from the lowest one measuring 70 mm to the highest of 105 mm, through two intermediate heights of 80 and 85 mm.

The heel is measured at its maximum height, from where the foot sits at the back of the shoe down to the floor. The four heights refer to size 37 and are calibrated adding or removing a few millimeters to the other sizes in order to maintain the correct proportions of the shoe.

The model Rallies has a thicker spool heel measuring 70 mm, the Street line sandals have a 75 mm block heel and the heel of the practice and walking shoes (Derbies) measures 20 mm.

Every pair of dance shoes comes with a couple of spare heel tips, placed inside the box, except for the model Rallie.


All Madame Pivot insoles offer great support to the arch of the foot, therefore an excellent stability, combined to the comfort feeling under the ball of the foot provided by a thick padding in soft memory foam.

Limited edition

We are often attracted by unusual and unique materials which are - unfortunately - also produced by suppliers in small quantities and for a limited period of time. This is how the limited edition concept was born, a small production until stock last so that you are able to seize the moment and get that extraordinary pair.


A regular and correct cleaning of your shoes will maintain their good performance and increase their durability.

  • Soles: both leather and suede soles are very resistant and can be cleaned with a wire brush. Make sure the brushing is delicate to avoid scratches. Tunit or rubber soles can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Insoles: is the most delicate part as it collects most of the dirt from the floor. We recommend you to clean it with a damp cloth every time after use. If the dirt gets dry it will be harder to remove it with the risk of the insole peeling off.
  • Uppers: suede sandals and shoes can be cleaned using a specific rubber-bristled brush. Shoes in fabric can be cleaned with a damp cloth and the best way to clean materials such as velvet and glitter is by removing dust and dirt with a hair dryer. Leather, patent and laminated materials can be cleaned with a damp cloth or specific products which can be easily found in shoe shops.

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